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When is it a Good Idea to Leave a Wasp Nest Alone?

Spring is coming! Ahh, the flowers, the trees and . . . drat . . . those annoying wasps will probably be back again. The queen wasp will come out of hibernation and start her wasp nest and colony with the warmer weather. She can lay a huge number of eggs every day and build a colony of thousands in a very short time.

Knowing this, you may be on the lookout for the beginnings of a wasp nest. But if left undetected, a wasp nest could become visible only when it has grown to an enormous size with an established colony. Once discovered, homeowners are sometimes shocked. They might not think to call a pest control company, and instead, attempt a wasp removal themselves only to be stung in the process.

Certainly, anyone with allergies to stinging insects will want to have a wasp extermination done by a professional pest control company. But in some cases, it might be a good idea to leave the nest alone and have no problem at all.

You might consider this option in the following circumstances:

wasp extermination wasp removal

The nest isn’t that close to your home

Is the nest high up in a tree or under your eaves away from the entrance? If no one in your family is allergic, it may be possible to simply alert them to its presence and ask them to stay away from the area.

You’ve discovered a wasp nest in the fall

Wasp nests are abandoned each fall so that nothing is left but the papery exterior. The nest can be knocked down over the winter or left to break down by itself. Wasps will not return to the previous year’s nest, preferring to build a new one in the spring. If you can tolerate it for a few weeks until Jack Frost nips at your busy little guests, the winter may come without incident and your problem will be solved.

You’re able to control wasps by other means

If you’re thinking of attempting wasp extermination yourself, you should know that it’s a potentially dangerous situation. Wasps will not sting people unless threatened or swatting and flailing arms disturb them. Remember, they’re not out to get you! But they could attack if single wasps are crushed or the nest is threatened.

To stay safe, you may be better to leave the nest intact using other insect control methods. Ask yourself: Can you live in harmony with these wasps? Can you control their numbers in high traffic areas with the commercial traps available? If so, it may be a better solution than wasp removal.

When you should get help with a wasp nest removal

Sometimes a wasp nest is built inside the walls of a home or near a high traffic area where it’s difficult to avoid disturbing the nest. If wasps gain access through cracks in your eaves, you may end up with wasps in your attic, or worse, in your living space. In cases like this, keep your family safe and ask for professional help to remove the nest.

Sometimes, leaving a wasp nest alone is a good idea. However, some situations require a pest control company to perform a wasp extermination. Have wasps entered your home through the attic? Don’t take on a dangerous situation yourself. If you need help with wasp removal, call the experts at Magical Pest Control at 905-738-6676 or send us a message for a free phone consultation.

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