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When is Bee Season and Wasp Season?

Both bee season and wasp season stretch from spring (around the beginning of May) to late fall (late October). During this period, each colony passes through the lifecycle stages, before hibernating in the winter.

However, bee season is more varied than wasp season. Bee season can depend on the seasonal patterns of flowers in the region. Some types of bees are very preferential when it comes to the type of flowers they like to pollinate, and they will have shorter seasons that revolve around the growth of specific types of flowers.

Typically, bee and wasp nests pose the least threat early in wasp season. In the spring, the queen bee or wasp is just beginning to build her nest, so it is relatively small with a fewer workers inside. However, as with most pest control situations, getting rid of bees and wasps earlier in the season makes it easier to be sure you’re eliminating the problem before it gets out of hand.

By late fall, when nests are at their largest (a single wasp nest can host 5000 individuals and a bee nest even more than that) is when bee and wasps pose the greatest danger. Large bee and wasps nests in residential areas can result in an influx of bees and wasps flying into unwanted areas. At this stage, bee and wasp control efforts are more difficult and dangerous.

When it comes to controlling wasps or bees at this stage, your best bet is calling an exterminator that specializes in bee and wasp control. They have the appropriate tools to safely eliminate the threat.

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