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What’s Different About Bee and Wasp Season this Spring?

With a warmer than usual winter in Ontario this year, no one will be surprised to see an early spring with beautiful shrubs blooming and gardens sprouting fresh, new buds early.

As you celebrate an early spring, don’t forget that your pretty blooms will activate bees and wasps early too. With extra pollen available, our little outdoor friends will start reproducing as soon as they get a whiff. They’ll also be able to reproduce in larger numbers in the coming season due to having more time. With the summer season almost upon us, many are bracing for the onslaught of more stinging insects around the house and garden this year.

If you have to deal with a bee removal or wasp removal this season, consider the following tips:

eliminate wasps wasp removal

Plan early to eliminate wasps and control bees

Start early! Be extra vigilant around your home and garden this spring and try to detect a bee or wasp nest as soon as it begins to form. Bee removal or wasp removal will be easier if you can rid yourself of these insects before the nests thrive and their numbers swell.

Bee removal or wasp removal? Know your pest!

It’s important to know as much as possible about any pest before trying to get rid of them. Do you have bees or wasps? If you can find any dead insects near the nest, take a close look. If you see body hairs, you probably have bees. If the body is smooth, you probably have wasps. A pest control company with specialized knowledge can help. Check Magical Pest’s images of bees and wasps to confirm the identification. This information will help when choosing the most effective pesticide or other method to eliminate wasps or bees.

Consider location before attempting a wasp removal

Are you free of allergies to stinging insects? If so, depending on the location of a wasp nest, you may or may not be able to handle this task yourself. If the nest is attached to an outside fence or garage door, you may be able to successfully use a spray pesticide late in the day when most of the insects are resting inside. Once the activity has stopped, you can place a bag around the nest and scrape it off the surface it’s attached to. If attempting a wasp removal yourself, make sure to wear long sleeves and pants, socks, closed shoes, gloves, glasses and a hat, just in case.

On the other hand, a wasp nest built into a wall of your home may make it difficult to access. You may not realize how deeply the nest has infiltrated the structure of your house. Wasps can eat through insulation board, walls, ceilings and floors creating a dangerous situation in your home. Spraying the entrance yourself may kill only the insects near the surface and force the rest further inside. In this situation, it’s advisable to hire a pest control company to eliminate wasps.

Could you ask a beekeeper to help with bee removal?

Bees are highly valuable as pollinators. Before deciding to eliminate them, consider another possibility. If you are lucky enough to have beekeepers in your area, ask if they’d like to remove the nest and add to their own bee population. Beekeepers are used to working with bees and have the right protective equipment and training. If you’re really lucky, they might perform a bee removal for free in exchange for the prospect of making more honey. And if you have a sweet tooth, maybe you can negotiate a jar or two as part of the trade.

You might be able to share your garden if you have only a few bees or wasps. When they are excessive or situated in a dangerous location, don’t take on a bee removal or wasp removal on your own.

Use the services of a professional pest control company. Call Magical Pest Control at 905-738-6676 or send us a message for a free consultation.

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