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What Attracts Wasps and Bees?

what attracts bees and wasps

To keep it quite simple, there are two reasons why a bee or a wasp might sting you: they think you’re an enemy, or they think you’re a food source. To avoid bee and wasp stings, try to avoid the following things when you know you’re in an area where bees and wasps are present:

Floral Perfumes
Anything with a strong floral scent, including perfumes, colognes and lotions, has the potential to attract bees and wasps that seek out flowers to pollinate. If you smell like a flower, you risk getting a bee or wasp sting.

Suntan Lotion
The scents of suntan lotion can also attract bees and wasps. Stick to a unscented variety if possible to avoid bee and wasp stings.

You guessed it; the scents used in hairspray can also attract bees and wasps. For your barbeques and outdoor picnics, stick to unscented, or avoid it altogether.

Sweet Foods
You’ve probably noticed that soda pop and sweet drinks are particularly attractive to bees and wasps. The same is true of desserts and sugar-filled confections. Keep them covered until you’re serving or eating them to avoid attracting bees and wasps.

Laundry Detergent
Certain laundry scents can also be very attractive to bees and wasps. Unfortunately, there probably isn’t too much you can do about this, as laundry is unavoidable. If you can, stick to subtler scents.

Dark Colours
Dark colours are often mistaken for natural predators such as skunks and bears. To avoid bees and wasps thinking you’re an attacker, avoid wearing these colours when doing outdoor activities so they won’t feel compelled to protect their bee nest or wasp nest!

Bright Colours
Wearing bright colours, particularly floral patterns that are reminiscent of flowers that bees and wasps collect food from can lead to them mistaking you for a food source. So if you can’t wear dark colours or bright colours, what colours can you wear? Sticking to white, neutrals and pastels is often your safest bet.

Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid bees and wasps when you’re at an outdoor event. However by avoiding the things that attract them, you can lessen the chance of suffering a bee or wasp sting.

If you find that bees and wasps are a constant presence in your yard or home, you might have a nearby bee nest or wasp nest that needs to be removed. Contact Magical Pest Control at (905) 738-6676 for professional bee and wasp extermination services. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form.

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