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Types of Bees in Canada: The Blue Orchard Bee

The blue orchard bee is also sometimes referred to as orchard mason bee. This type of bee is found in Canada and the US and is often used by farmers to pollinate early spring fruits. These types of bees build their bee nests in reeds and natural holes, developing cells to house their young.

 image of a blue orchard bee and best ways for bee nest removal.

Blue Orchard Bee Facts

The blue orchard bee is a member of the leafcutter family of bees, scientifically known as Megachilidae. These bees are solitary and do not construct colonies, but they can be collected and reared on a commercial scale. They are excellent pollinators of the fruits on trees. Only a few hundred female orchard bees are needed to pollinate an acre of orchard. The blue orchard bees are present only during the spring and early summer when temperatures are warm.

Orchard mason bees, like other bees of the mason family are really shy and will only sting if they sense serious danger. Attacking is not a common defense mechanism for them. Thus, people looking for pollination in urban areas generally seek these types of bees, as they are relatively safe to handle.

Humans may not spot the difference between blue orchard bees and other types of bees that are likely to give a bee sting however rough handling or approaching the nest of many other types of bees can result in a bee sting, so it’s important to know what type of bee nest you are dealing with before attempting bee removal. It’s also important to know when bees should be removed and relocated, and which bee nests should be exterminated.

Knowing When Bee Removal is Needed

It’s not wise to kill bees or to proceed with any type of bee nest removal without the proper protection and guidance.

A professional pest control company has the expertise and appropriate tools to do bee nest removal safely. If you are uncertain what type of bee you are dealing with, it is best to seek out a pest control company that has knowledge and experience that will help you determine the best way to handle your bee problem.

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