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The Wasp Reproduction Cycle and How to Remove Wasp Colonies

In wasp colonies, queens are the ones in charge of carrying out wasp reproduction. Each wasp colony has one queen wasp, though some colonies may have more, depending on their size and the time of year. Later in the season, (around autumn), new queen wasps are groomed by the wasp colony to carry on the wasp population come spring. Before then, competing queen wasps that are born are killed to protect the wasp queen and her position in the wasp colony.

 picture of wasp reproduction

Around autumn, the bulk of the wasp colony dies off as the temperatures drop. The newly groomed wasp queens must survive the winter in hibernation, and then rebuild their wasp colonies. During this hibernation period, the queen wasps leave the nest and find a suitable area to hibernate through the winter. In the spring, queen wasps that have survived lay enough eggs to establish a new wasp colony.

Wasps are only active in the warmer months, unlike bee colonies, which continue to survive in the winter (interestingly, bees vibrate to keep warm when temperatures are freezing!) During summer time wasp colonies are at their peak, building new nests and growing their colony. Once a queen wasp starts a wasp colony in an area, wasp nest construction usually follows. It’s always smart to take preemptive action if you spot a burgeoning wasp colony near your home.

How to Safely Handle Wasp Removal

Wasps may build nests in several places including the walls of your house, and other hidden spaces. The best way to detect the presence of wasps is to look for the back and forth movement of wasps travelling through a hole or crack in the wall, particularly during the day, when wasps are most active. Wasp stings can be extremely dangerous, so attempting to handle wasp removal on your own is not recommended.

Magical Pest Control can help you with wasp removal and protect your family from bee and wasp stings.

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