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Bee and wasp inspections of your property

The first step in wasp or bee control is to correctly identify the insect and locate its nesting site. Because there may be multiple bee hives and hornets nests on a property, it’s essential for you to hire an experienced pest control service to locate all the sources of bees and wasps on your property, and get rid of them in a safe and effective manner.

How Magical Pest Control can help you get rid of bees and wasps

Our bee and wasp inspection experts can detect even the smallest bee and wasp colonies on your property and how get rid of them before the grow. In June, after the queen has established her colony, the bee hive or nest is still small and hard to detect. Because wasps and bees are less active at night, and have difficulty flying in night time temperature, some property owners make the mistake of sealing a wasp nest at nighttime. This will cause bees and wasps to find other exits into your walls.

Your best method of getting rid of bees and wasps is to simply hire Magical Pest Control to make sure it’s done right.

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Honey bee foragers commonly fly up to 6.5 km to collect nectar and pollen from flowers, and can potentially cover 50,000 acres. It is estimated that it takes 10 million foraging trips to make the equivalent of one jar of honey.
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