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Expert bee, hornet and wasp extermination services

Bees, hornets and wasps can cause considerable damage to properties. As the wasp nest gets larger, the queen’s workers increase the nesting area by excavating the surrounding materials. This can lead to the wasps eating through insulation board, walls, ceilings and floors causing them to enter occupied rooms.

If you notice excessive wasps or bees on your property, call Magical Pest Control for a same-day wasp or bee hive inspection on your property. So if you see any bees and wasps in or around your home, call Magical Pest Control’s Bees, Wasps and Hornets Division to discuss a free consultation.

How to kill bees, wasps and hornets on your property

Our full list of bee removal services include:

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To learn more about how to kill bees on your property, contact us today for a free wasp extermination consultation.

Did you know?

A bee uses its sting only defensively, where as a wasp uses its sting to subdue prey and as a defense. This is why the bee stinger detaches from its body, while the wasp's stinger does not. So each wasp can sting multiple times without risk to itself.
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