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Is Knocking Down a Bee or Wasp Nest a Good Way to Kill Wasps?

eliminating bee nests with a bee inspection

One of the most dangerous things you can do is knock down or smash a bee or wasp nest. Bees and wasps are most aggressive when they feel threatened. You put yourself at risk of getting stung by getting close to the nest, let alone trying to knock it down. There are much less dangerous ways to kill wasps and bees.

Furthermore, knocking down a nest, while irritating to the colony, will not necessarily kill wasps or bees inside. You may kill a portion of the colony, however unless the bee nest or wasp nest is completely smashed, the colony is perfectly capable of rebounding or relocating.

If you see a wasp or bee nest near your home, call Magical Pest Control’s specialized bee and wasp division immediately. We have years of experience in killing wasps and eliminating bee nests safely. Reach us at (905) 738-6676 or use our contact form to schedule a free wasp or bee extermination quote. We will eliminate bees and wasps immediately if a problem is discovered.

One thought on “Is Knocking Down a Bee or Wasp Nest a Good Way to Kill Wasps?

  1. my rv is parked outside on the back of the rv ,six feet above ground on the s/s
    steps leading to the roof i found the big wasp nest ( right now is freezing cold )
    what would be best way to get rid of it ?

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