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How Magical Pest Control Gets Rid Of Wasps And Bees

Wasp Nest + Wasp Sting

A lot of articles explain how you can get rid of wasps and bees in your home. This time let’s switch it up a bit and talk about how Magical Pest Control gets rid of wasps and bees.

Like a good recipe, you don’t want to change something that works well. However at Magical Pest Control the products we use may change with advances in technology, but our techniques don’t. That’s because they continue to be effective at finding and removing wasps.

Did you get a bad bee or wasp sting when you were relaxing in your backyard? Do your kids frequently spot the insects when they’re playing outside? Do bees or wasps frequently find their way in your home? You may have a wasp nest somewhere on your property if you answered yes to some or all of these questions.

Once you call Magical Pest Control to get rid of that pesky wasp nest, we’ll show up at your door to assess the situation.

Our Wasp Removal Technique

First, we have to find out what type of pest we are dealing with. Some people are unsure if the structure they find in their yard is a bee or a wasp nest because they look similar, (if you need help identifying a nest, try reading our article on the subject).

If you aren’t able to find the bee or wasp nest, we’ll determine if it’s hidden. To find evidence of where the bee or wasp nest is located we look to see if they are flying back and forth from it. At this time we can also identity if there are multiple hives. Our employees are experienced and can detect even the smallest bee and wasp colony on your property.

Once we’ve discovered what kind of pest situation we are dealing with, then we can proceed with the process of eliminating them. Magical Pest Control specializes in bee and wasp removal using insecticide. We also have eco-friendly methods if you’re concerned about pesticides. Whichever you prefer, we can accommodate you.

It’s important to note that attempting to patch up the hole where the wasps get into your home (if the nest is hidden inside a crevice in your home) can do a lot more damage than you think. The wasps won’t stay prisoner, they will break out and can burrow into your home causing much more damage and frustration for you. You should only close up the entrance once you know all the wasps or bees are gone to < a href="">prevent other nests from forming.

We apply wasp and hornet spray into the nest if it’s not hidden. If the nest is underground or inside your home we apply the pest spray to the nearest entrance. The spray is safe for lawns and soil so you don’t need to worry about it affecting your luscious green grass. For hidden nests we use an insecticide dust that is very effective and can penetrate deep into hard to reach places.

We make sure all the wasps have been exterminated and once we confirm that there are no wasps remaining we clean up the mess. Calling Magical Pest Control is a fast and safe alternative for getting rid of wasps or bees on your property.

Protect your family against bee and wasp stings by calling Magical Pest Control. Our methods are tried and true. When you ask how to get rid of wasps and bees, we deliver an effective blend of technology and technique. We’re happy to give our customers insight on how we handle their bee and wasp removal problems, and answer any questions about our process.

If you have any more questions please call Magical Pest Control at (905) 738-6676 or a
contact us online. We will be happy to give you a free consultation over the phone.

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