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How Do I Spot a Hidden Bee Nest or Wasp Nest?

People often know to identify a paper hornet nest or bee nest. They’re usually clearly visible, so they’re easy enough to identify as a threat if you know what you’re looking for.

However, often homeowners do not recognize that bees and wasps will burrow into hidden nooks and crannies, such as gaps in bricks or mortar, siding, drywall or under decks, and make their nest in places where you can’t see or reach.

If you’ve seen numerous wasps or bees around your home or garden but haven’t spotted a visible wasp or bee nest nearby, it’s possible they may have built a hidden nest. To determine if you have a hidden bee nest or wasp nest in your yard, the power of observation is your best tool.

Pay attention to the bees or wasps you see, and determine if they continually return to a single area. If you notice a pattern emerge and that they gravitate to a certain area, you may have spotted a hidden nest. Sometimes you may even be able to see bees or wasps coming and going from a crack or gap.

I think I found a hidden wasp or bee nest, how do I kill bees or wasps in it?

If you do spot an entrance to the hidden nest, DO NOT cover it. That will anger the inhabitants of the nest, and make it more difficult to kill bees and wasps in the area. Nor should you try to remove bees or wasps in any way. You may try spraying the entrance with an insecticide, but be extremely cautious, as wasps and bees will sting if threatened.

If you are unsure whether or not you have a wasp nest or a bee nest in your home or yard, Magical Pest Control does free consultations. We will remove bees and wasps safely and effectively, whether the nest is hidden from view or not. Call us at (905) 738-6676 or contact us online.

One thought on “How Do I Spot a Hidden Bee Nest or Wasp Nest?

  1. I have wasps coming in through and unseen nest above my front door and into the landing inside above my front door. Once inside they typically hang by the window and die on the landing. I currently have at least 200 dead wasps in addition to the 200-300 I have vacuumed up already. I have sprayed and sprayed but they are still around in large quantities. Please email or call me at 513-205-0552 to offer your suggestions. Thank you.

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