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Flight of the Bumblebee: how far from the nest do bees and wasps travel?

wasp nest removal during wasp and bee season

That lovely picnic in your backyard can quickly turn into a swat fest when a few bees and wasps decide to invite themselves to the party. It’s common for people to assume there’s a nest nearby, but before starting bee or wasp nest removal becomes your newest summer project, consider the following facts.

If you see 3 or 4 wasps hovering around your garden it’s best not to assume the worst. Remind yourself about the time of year and remember that wasp season in the Greater Toronto region ranges from May to late October. This is a considerable length of time to not panic about every little wasp sighting.

In fact, wasps will fly more than 6 km from their nest on their foraging trips. Naturally, you shouldn’t be alarmed unless you spot an actual bee or wasp nest. If spotted, wasp nest removal can be very challenging mentally and physically. So if you decide to get rid of wasps on your property, there’s no shame in asking for help from professionals.

That Time of Year: Bee and Wasp Season

Bee season is no different than wasp season. Foraging bees don’t travel quite the distance that wasps do, but they are known to travel as far as 4 km from their nests. They must do a lot of traveling, since, shockingly enough, one jar of honey could take as much as 10 million foraging trips! Since bees don’t travel quite as far, this means that bee nests may be closer to your general vicinity but unless you live on a property the size of 4 football fields, don’t assume the worst.

Bees nest removal is no different than wasp nest removal. The underlying difference between bees and wasps is the level of aggression. You should be aware, when attempting to get rid of wasps that they are far more prone to agitation and are known to attack, especially when compared to their distant family member, the bee. Bees have a gentler approach when foraging, but when threatened, they will attack as well.

So even though bee season and wasp season have much in common, wasps will certainly cover a larger distance during their foraging trips. Bees won’t be too far behind, either. The main thing we learned? Unless you see the nests, carry on with your day.

If you spot a dreaded nest, wasp nest removal or bees nest removal should be left to professionals as it is very dangerous. If you need help to get rid of wasps, call Magical Pest Control at (905) 738-6676 or fill out a contact form. Our trained technicians will remove your problem safely and quickly.

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