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Empty Wasp Nest Removal… is it Safe to Remove an Abandoned Wasp Nest?

If you find an empty wasp nest in your home or yard in the fall or winter season, it’s perfectly safe to remove it without worrying that in the warm season wasps will return to search for it. Unlike bees that will build upon their nests for years, wasps build new nests annually.

In late autumn, all the wasps in a colony die off, and only the queen wasp remains in hibernation. Even the queen wasp will usually leave the nests to find a safe place to wait out the winter months. If the queen wasp does remain in the abandoned wasp nest, she’s unlikely to pose a threat in her hibernating state.

In the spring, the queen will build a new nest and the old wasp nest will be left empty. To learn about how the wasp lifecycle works, read our blog on the subject here.

If you’re unsure whether the wasp nest is empty or not, watch it for a few minutes. If you don’t see any wasps coming and going over the course of ten minutes, it’s most likely an empty wasp nest, left over from a previous season. Go ahead and knock it down or discard it; wasp nest removal is perfectly safe when it’s an empty wasp nest.

If the nest still has active wasps or you’re unsure whether or not it’s active, feel free to contact Magical Pest Control. One of our wasp nest removal experts will be happy to consult with you. Call us at (905) 738-6676 or use our contact form.

One thought on “Empty Wasp Nest Removal… is it Safe to Remove an Abandoned Wasp Nest?

  1. I have a honeycomb type nest in my bathroom ceiling vent fan. I live in NY and winter will soon be upon us. Can I be sure it will be safe to remove the vent cover once winter gets here and then remove the nest?

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