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Eliminating Wasp Nests In Bathrooms

It’s not unusual to find wasp nests inside your house. Though wasps usually build their nests outside, wasp nests can be found in places such as bathrooms and kitchens. One spot where homeowners often find wasp nests constructed is in their bathroom vents. Bathroom vents are an easy access point for wasps to enter your bathroom. Initially it may only be a wasp or two, but the problem can quickly get out of hand if those few wasps lead their wasp pals back to your home. If you spot wasps in your bathroom, it’s important to deal with the problem immediately.

wasp nests and wasp removal

Wasps in your bathroom can be really annoying and disturb your daily activities. What can you do about it? To safely approach a wasp problem in your bathroom, follow these steps:

Step 1. If you’ve only spotted a few individual wasps, try to trace them back to their nest and determine if you have a fully formed nest or simply a few scout wasps searching for a place to build a nest.

Step 2. If you’re able to locate a wasp nest, it’s recommended that you call an exterminator to handle the problem. Wasp nests in indoor spaces without ventilation can be troublesome to handle.

If you aren’t able to spot a nest, the nest may be hidden, or the wasps may be scouting for an area to build their nest. Check your yard for a wasp nest that may be the source of your wasp problem. If you’re unable to find where the wasps are coming from, call a pest control company to help you determine the source of the problem and how to handle it.

Step 3. A wasp spray can be used as a temporary solution to get rid of wasps so you can use your bathroom until a pest control company can come out to your property. The following are a few steps to be followed for using wasp sprays in a safe way:

  • Be careful about choosing a wasp spray for your bathroom as many types of wasp sprays are designed for outdoor use only. Read the labels carefully.
  • Wear long sleeves and pants that aren’t too baggy. You don’t want wasps to get inside your clothing. When trapped, wasps will sting.
  • Use the spray in early morning or evening when the insect activity is minimal.
  • Spray a safe distance from the wasp nest to prevent angering the wasps inside. Wasps can be aggressive and cause painful wasp stings if they feel threatened.

To avoid wasp stings during the wasp removal process, and for a permanent solution that will get rid of wasps in your bathroom, hire a professional and experienced pest control company. Contact Magical Pest Controltoday for a free phone consultation or to schedule an appointment to remove your wasp nest. Call us at (905) 738-6676.

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