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Does killing the queen bee or wasp eliminate the entire nest?

This may sound like a simple solution to kill wasps or bees, but it’s not.

First, there’s the matter of reaching the queen bee or wasp, who is usually ensconced deep within her nest. As queen bees and wasps rarely leave their nests for any reason, reaching her without attacking her entire nest becomes problematic.

Second, even if you did manage to get to the queen wasp of a nest, killing her is not necessarily a detriment to the nest.

If you manage to kill a queen wasp in a small, newly formed nest it’s possible you may eliminate the entire wasp nest. However, by mid-wasp season, most wasp nests have grown to include multiple fertile females who can replace the queen and are able to continue to produce new worker wasps, even if one of the queen wasps dies.

queen bee picture

Unlike wasp nests, each bee nest only has a single queen bee. However, much like wasp nests, bees are able to continue to thrive, should she die. Worker bees quickly raise a new queen to replace the old one by changing the way they rear larvae. The change results in fertile females. The first fertile female to hatch will become the new queen bee and kill any others that have not yet hatched. If the bees are unable to do this, the nest will slowly die. However, it’s not an instant process, and the remaining bees may continue to pose a threat in the meantime.

So, while killing a queen bee or wasp sounds smart in theory, it’s not worth the hassle, nor is it guaranteed to work. You’re much better of leaving the task of killing wasps and bees to a trained extermination company.

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