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Does Freezing A Bee Or Wasp Nest Kill It?

Freezing a wasp nest

We briefly discussed freezing wasp nests in our blog on bee and wasp myths, but let’s discuss it in more detail. Yes, you can technically freeze a bee or wasp nest in order to kill them, but there’s no easy way to get a nest in your freezer. Unfortunately you won’t be able to call in Mr. Freeze for help, either.

To get rid of a wasp nest by freezing, you’ll first need to wait till dark. This is the best time to try out homemade bee killer remedies. At night wasps and bees are much less active, and most of them are inside the nest, tired from a day’s work. Just like humans, bees get sleepy. Before attempting any type of homemade treatment to kill wasps or bees, you should don several layers, including long sleeves and thick gloves. Avoid baggy clothes, so the insects won’t fly up your clothes, and make sure to cover your face and eyes.

Feeling Chilly, Mr. Wasp? How a Wasp Freeze Treatment Works.

Once you’re protected, get a garbage bag and carefully cover the wasp nest. Then cut the nest from where it’s hanging and quickly seal the bag. From there you can put it in your freezer or leave it out in the sun until the wasps or bees die. All you have to do now is dispose of the nest and take action to prevent another nest from forming, and you’re done!

This homemade bee killer technique is environmentally friendly since you aren’t using any chemicals. However there are easier and safer ways to get rid of bees or wasps.

If you want to freeze wasps, using an aerosol wasp freeze treatment will kill wasps easily, quickly and from a greater distance. These types of wasp freeze treatments are made up of chemicals that simulates freezing when it hits a wasp’s exoskeleton. They can still be dangerous to wield, since wasps and bees are very territorial and when upset, they will sting.

Are Wasp Freeze Treatments Recommended?

Magical strongly advises against trying this type of treatment by yourself. It can be extremely dangerous and the risk of getting stung is high.

Using homemade bee killing techniques are dangerous especially if you don’t have the proper equipment to protect yourself and guard against stings. If you’re uncertain, we recommend that you call a professional pest control company to handle the problem on your behalf. It’s always better to play it safe, than to put your health and safety at risk.

Magical Pest Control is able to safely get rid of wasp or bee nests. We have years of experience, and professional tools and protective gear. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to handle your situation yourself, when it comes to wasps and bees, calling a professional is often the better option.

If you have a bee or wasp nest in your backyard that you want removed, call Magical at (905) 738-6676 for assistance. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form. We provide free same-day inspections and help you deal with threatening situations safely.

2 thoughts on “Does Freezing A Bee Or Wasp Nest Kill It?

  1. We had many wasps coming into the house the landlord called a pest company but hi didn’t show up until two days later at which the weather had temporarily shifted from 105 degrees down to about 60 degrees. No sign of wasps or nest he said and that there was probably a hive nearby and that the. Condensation from my air-conditioner attracted the wasps and that they were getting into the air-conditioner which is already obvious to me. So here it is the next day after he and so are the wasps are back at which is going to check my landlord to hunt $150

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