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Do Wasps Serve a Purpose?

When you think ‘wasps’, you think about the menacing garden pests that do a wonderful job at making you feel uneasy. Their buzzing does little to help you feel comfortable, and once you hear it, it seems as though you can’t get rid of it. Not to mention their ferocious sting! Wasps build nests in backyards, and seem to always find time for cameo appearances as the unwanted guests at barbeques.

These nuisances are infamous for all their negative attributes that it leaves a person wondering, “Is there anything good about wasps?”

Well, we’re here to tell you that they do!

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Wasps Are Free Pest Control

While wasps are not usually welcome in your home, they should be more than welcome in your garden. Believe it or not, allowing yellow jacket wasps’ nests to remain intact is your one-stop solution to receiving a free and organic pest control service.

Because yellow jacket colonies have very high food demands, they can eliminate over two pounds of insects from a 2,000 square foot garden. Throughout the summer, caterpillars, flies, and insects make up most of their diet. Although they consume some beneficial insects, they aid in getting rid of crop-destroying bugs such as caterpillars, slugs and grubs.

Adult paper wasps will likely get rid of caterpillars in the garden, as that’s what they feed their developing larvae, and a lot of bugs are needed to nourish a hungry brood. They target a variety of caterpillars ranging from corn earworms to hornworms, which translates into a natural pest control solution for gardeners.

Wasps Help Pollinate

While it is widely known that honeybees help pollinate plants, wasps also aid in that regard. They are not as effective as bees, due to their lack of hairy legs. However, with the major threat of extinction facing bee colonies, wasps do the trick in providing an important ecological service.

So while wasps are mostly unwanted creatures, they play a role in our lives due to their predatory characteristics. Without them, we would be infested with superfluous garden pests. It is their excruciating stinging feature that is a cause for concern, but besides that, if their presence is not hazardous to your home, it is best to leave them be.

There’s no doubt annual colonies will mark their presence in the summer months, though you won’t catch sight of them during the winter, so it’s best to let Mother Nature deal with them. If you can’t love them, you should at least tolerate them for their benefits.

While wasps do a lot of good for your garden, if you believe their presence around your home is harmful and are after a pest-free summer, contact Magical Pest Control for professional pest control services.

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