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Do fake wasp nests actually deter wasps?

One of summer’s most unwelcome visitors to your home or yard is the wasp. Getting stung by a wasp, having your backyard dinner bombarded by the pesky insects, or seeing them crawl into your pop or beer cans usually means a trip to the hardware store the next day.

You’ll find a variety of fake nests in stores and online designed to deter wasps from making their home in your yard. The question is, do fake wasp nests really work?

do fake wasp nests work to prevent wasps?

Little evidence fake wasp nests work

Using a fake wasp nest as to deter wasps is based on the premise that the nests of other wasps and hornets intimidate wasps and, if they see another nest hanging prominently in your yard, they will vacate the vicinity.

These fake wasps nests come in different materials from plain paper or plastic, retailing for up to $10. Online, people also say you can build your own out of brown paper and a coat hanger.

Unhappy buyers complain wasps won’t leave

The problem is that there is no scientific evidence that backs up this pest control strategy. Numerous companies sell fake wasp nests but there are just as many comments that say that the fake wasp nests did not do anything to prevent wasps from buzzing the backyard. Some people commented that wasps actually moved into the fake nests, making your wasp problem even worse.

This may be because there are several different pests, which we call wasps, but each has its own behaviour. Yellow jackets build their homes below ground or in protected area. Bald-faced hornets build their homes on the side of houses and in trees. Paper wasps can build a cone-like nest that hangs from tree branches or under the eaves of your house.

Wasp stings can be fatal

While a fake wasp nest may not be effective, removing a wasp nest yourself is not recommended either. Hornets, wasps, and paper wasps, in particular, can swarm and attack when they feel their nest is threatened. The sting from a single wasp can be extremely painful, numerous stings can be unbearable and they carry may produce potentially fatal anaphylactic reaction in people who are allergic.

Wasp removal not for amateurs

Besides the potential to get stung, wasp removal means dealing with hazardous materials, protective clothing and climbing heights to reach wasps nests in trees or under rooves or climbing into attics. The problem with preventing wasps on your own is that you may get hurt and still not be able to deter wasps in your home or yard.

While removing wasps is a nuisance, doing the job yourself may mean a battle that the wasps might win.

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