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Do Candles And Herbs Deter Wasps And Bees?

Bee Sting + Wasp Repellent

On the Internet you can find a lot of useful information. Some of it is true and some of it is fiction. If you look up how to get rid of wasps online you will find there’s a huge list of things you can do. Some of these things are helpful and will work, and some are contrived, and a few are probably more than a little dangerous.

One of the wasp repellants others recommend is citronella. Candles and certain types of herbs and flowers are also popular. We already covered some common bee and wasp deterrents such as fake nests, but below, we discuss the popular bee and wasp deterrent citronella and other herbs, and which are most effective.

Do Candles Work As Wasp Repellent?

Citronella candles are said to work as repellent against mosquitoes, wasp and bees however this isn’t the case. They might repel mosquitoes but only in the direct vicinity where the smoke is. Wasp and bees don’t seem to be effected by the scent of the candle, but rather the smoke it creates. Wasps and bees don’t like thick smoke so if you get Uncle Bob to light his famous bonfire at your next family event, you can probably avoid wasp and bee stings, at the expense of smelling like smoke!

It’s important to note that if a bee or wasp nest already exists in the area this method will not get rid of them. This will only repel the wasps and bees from flying around your direct area. If you’re looking for permanent wasp nest removal, read our blog on homemade bee and wasp removal methods.

How To Get Rid Of Wasps With Herbs

Though citronella doesn’t work, surprisingly enough, some other herbs and flowers may act as wasp repellant. Plants such as lemongrass, wormwood and eucalyptus release odours that wasps like to avoid. Certain types of flowers, which smell like rotting meat and feces, may also do the trick, though they’re not the most pleasant for enjoying your garden.

These plants may work quite well at keeping away stray wasps, but don’t expect them to magically deter a whole bee or wasp nest. They can repel the few wasps passing by, but not a whole swarm. Also keep in mind some of these plants will only thrive in specific conditions, so consider that when and if and you plant them.

If these are wasp repellent methods you have tried in the past or are going to try, share with us how they worked out in the comments below.

If you’re struggling with a severe wasp problem and these methods are not working for you, call Magical Pest Control to hire a professional. We offer bee or wasp nest removal. Our technicians are trained to handle dangerous and aggressive insects safely. Call Magical Pest Control at (905) 738-6676 or contact us online. We will be happy to help you any way we can.

3 thoughts on “Do Candles And Herbs Deter Wasps And Bees?

  1. I found that my ceramic based open flame (using citronella oil) chased away the bees that were swarming around my balcony. I realize it may not be the citronella but the flame that did it. Either way….I am at peace now and can enjoy sitting outside my apt vs few hours ago when they wouldn’t leave me alone and kept trying to land on my body.

    • Hi Suzanne,

      We’re glad to hear using candles worked to get rid of your wasp problem! We hope you’ll enjoy the remainder of the summer pest-free.

      -Magical Pest

  2. I would like to plant citronella to use repel mosquitoes from my porch, but I don’t want to repel bees, wasps, or other pollinators from my garden, which is about 35 feet from my porch. If I understand the information above, live citronella plants should not deter pollinators, right? If this is the case, can I plant citronella on my porch (or in my garden) without worry?

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