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Do Bees Release a Death Hormone?

facts about bees

We’ve all had that irresistible attraction to someone. Be honest, you’ve used the sentence “I don’t know what it is about her/him.” Let us examine the chemical secrets about bees and wasps that you probably had no idea even existed.

Not to burst any bubbles, but humans are chemically attracted to other humans because of a little biological trick called pheromones. In other words, your love life, or lack thereof, is ALL based on a scent that your brain associates with attraction.

However, much like the love humans have for a loved one, bees and wasps are deathly protective of the hive and will release a scent signal to attack. That goes double for wasps, as they are the more aggressive of the two insect family members. Be cautious when handling bee and wasp removal yourself! Knocking down a wasp nest is an ill-advised move.

What you probably didn’t know about your bee or wasp problem is how powerful their pheromones truly are. Here are the chemical facts about bees and wasps.

The All About Bees and Wasps Chemical Fact Sheet

  • The queen is queen for a reason. Her chemical makeup is hypnotic and overpowering to the rest of the hive. She can dictate foraging and nest building through pheromone stimulation. So a wasp deterrent has the impossibly tough task of overpowering the queen’s essence. Read our blog more more information about queen bees.a
  • Wasp/Bee removal is challenging because the worker bees that are guarding the hive use pheromones to guide the foragers back to the nest and attack invaders. Think of it as a wasp season/bee season GPS or Siri, or whatever human magic you use to get around in the human world.
  • Every bee or wasp releases a special pheromone that distinguishes their identity and function in their hive’s community.
  • Workers produce an aggressive attack pheromone, which tells other bees and wasps: “attack.” Because of these aggressive workers, wasp and bee removal is tricky. If you discover a bee or wasp problem, handle it carefully to avoid being caught as the target of bee or wasp aggression.

So now you have a better understanding of how sophisticated the bee and wasp scent signal can be. You also know how dangerous these insect colonies can be, especially wasps.

When wasp season strikes, you should always think twice and carefully assess how you approach your wasp deterrent strategy.

A surefire plan is to find the services of a reputable extermination professional. Magical Pest Control is a leading, award winning bee and wasp removal company in Toronto and the surrounding GTA. To contact Magical Pest Control, call (905) 738-6676 and ask for a free quote and consultation.

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