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Do Bees and Wasps Die After They Sting?

Bees die after stinging. Wasps do not.

Bees have a stinger with a barb attached to the end, which hooks into skin when it is used. Because of this barb, bee stingers are detached when they sting. Bees cannot live without their stingers, meaning that a bee stings once at the most. If you’ve been stung by a bee, you’ll likely notice the stinger is still in the wound. Use a credit card, the back of a knife or another flat object to gently scrape it away from the bee sting site. Pinching it between your fingers will release additional venom into the wound, making it more painful.

Wasps are different than bees in that they do not have barbed stingers. Wasps can sting multiple times without any negative effects on them. Their stingers do not detach. Though they don’t leave behind their stingers, wasps do inject venom into the site of their stings, which can result in significant pain. To treat wasp stings or a bee stings, see our blog on common household remedies.

If wasp or bee stings are a common occurrence in or near your home, you may have a nest of bees or wasps nearby. Contact a local pest control service to complete a thorough examination, and if necessary, a bee or wasp extermination.

Magical Pest Control is one of Toronto’s leading pest control services, with years of experience with bee and wasp extermination. Contact us at (905) 738-6676 or fill out our online form to schedule a free quote.

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