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Did You Know Not All Bees Make Honey?

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Let’s forget about bees in Ontario for a second and look at the bee species on planet earth. Contrary to the many myths about bees, they do not all make honey. Many people with bee problems don’t take the necessary time to learn about their buzzing inhabitants. Before seeking bee control, it is important to understand this socially significant creature and its impact on our world.

Is Honey Bee Control Necessary?

On a global scale, there are over 20, 000 known species of bees found in every habitat containing insect-pollinated flowering plants. Sorry Antarctica. Meanwhile closer to home, there are over 400 bee species in Ontario. The famous European honey bee is the most common bee species in Ontario. When people think about bees, this is the model visual that pops up.

As far as honey goes, only the species that live in hives produce honey. Solitary bees are fertile but don’t produce honey. For the true bee geeks, it’s important to note that only female worker bees make honey while males have one purpose, mating with the queen.

The Honey Bee: Friend or Foe?

Humans have long had a love/hate relationship with bees. If you talk about bees long enough with the average person, the thought will eventually turn to honey. While human interaction with bees is associated with harvesting their honey, bees are actually responsible for pollinating nearly 70% of the world’s food supply. Simply put, wow!

Bees in Ontario play a huge part in our overall food chain and we’re shifting to a more scientific and environmentally friendly approach to bee control. This mentality is beginning to spread globally as honey bee numbers are declining drastically.

Growing human populations has escalated the declining bee problem. It has reached such alarming levels that the U.N has stepped in to monitor safe bee sustainment. Before taking your bee problems into your own hands, it is highly recommended to seek expert advice.

Magical Pest Control’s highly trained technicians will gladly provide a free, same day inspection and recommend the safest, most environmentally friendly solution. Call us at (905) 738-6676 to schedule your inspection.

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