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Debunking Myths about Bees and Wasps

When they are killed, bees and wasps emit a smell or pheromone that attracts other bees and wasps. If you kill bees or wasps, you are not any more likely to be stung again than usual. Bees only attack when they or their nest is threatened, not because they sense you are a threat based on a smell emitted by a bee or wasp you killed.

You can destroy nests by hitting them with a baseball bat. This is not true at all. Do not attempt it. You’ll be left with a colony of angry bees or wasps prepared to sting. Leave bee and wasp killing to trained bee and wasp exterminators.

You can destroy bee and wasp nests by spraying them with water. Do not try this. Water will not affect a bee or wasp nest. Likely, you’ll just irritate the bees and wasps inside and increase your chance of getting stung.

You can destroy a wasp nest by freezing it. While this is technically true, it’s not a wise idea to attempt it. To get a bee or wasp nest into a freezer you’ll have to move it, which will likely result in you angering the inhabitants of the nest. Let a bee and wasp exterminator handle it.

If you mow your lawn to get rid of dandelions and do not plant flowers, it keeps bees and wasps away. Though bees and wasps are pollinators, they will build nest miles away from flowers and other plants that they pollinate. Whether or not you have flowers in your yard makes no difference if a bee or wasp scout spots a good place to create nest. For tips to help prevent bees from nesting in your yard, check out this blog.

It’s easy to remove a nest at night. While bees and wasps tend to be less active at night, it is far from safe to attempt to remove a nest at night. The safest course of action is to call in a bee or wasp exterminator trained to kill bees or wasps.

Sealing up the hole in a wall where bees and wasps are nesting will kill bees and wasps inside. If you seal up the entrance to a hidden bee or wasp nest, you risk angering them. They may burrow into unwanted places, such as the interior of your house. Bees and wasps have been known to tunnel through wood and drywall. Once again, your best bet to kill bees and wasps is to contact a bee and wasp exterminator.

Magical Pest Control is a well-known and respected Toronto pest control company. If you’re having trouble with bees or wasps in your yard, call us and we’ll send out a bee and wasp exterminator to kill bees or wasps without putting anyone at risk of being stung. Phone us at (905) 738-6676 or contact us online.

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