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Can You Outgrow A Bee Or Wasp Allergy?

It can be very scary for a parent when they find out their child has an allergy, especially something as threatening as bees or wasps. The first thing that goes through their mind is ‘how allergic are they?’ and ‘will they need to see a doctor if stung?’

Bee and wasp stings not only inflict pain but they can be very dangerous to certain sensitive people. If you have an allergic reaction to wasp or bee stings then it’s important you take precautions to avoid them.

Make sure to wear shoes when you go outside, try your best to avoid bee or wasp nests, and wear long sleeves and pants that cover your legs while you’re doing outside work. These are steps you can take to guard yourself from a wasp or bee sting if you are prone to a severe allergic reaction. You might be asking yourself ‘why do some people get worse reactions than others?’ The answer is complex but we’ve outline the basics below.

How Do You Get An Allergic Reaction?

An allergic reaction is caused when certain strains of protein enter the blood stream and your body believes it’s under attack. Simply put, your body’s immune system makes a mistake and tells your body to fight against the invading substance, in this case venom. It’s the same idea when you’re sick with the cold: your white blood cells attack the germ cells in your body and over time, as they are eliminated, you get better.

Allergic reactions work almost the same only they aren’t attacking germs. Your white blood cells go into overdrive and attack the protein that you ingested which creates histamine. Your body keeps making histamine because it thinks it has to fight an infection and that is how you end up getting an allergic reaction.

Wasp and bee stings work the same way as any other allergic reaction. Some people are more allergic than others because it depends on a person’s immune system. It’s possible to die from bee or wasp stings but only people who have a severe allergic reaction typically need to worry about this.

Four out of five kids outgrow an allergic reaction. The ones that don’t normally have moderate to serious reactions to a wasp or bee sting. There is venom immunotherapy which has been proven effective to alleviate some of the allergic reactions in serious cases, but allergies never really go away.

Obviously getting rid of bees and wasps around your home is an effective deterrent from bee or wasp allergies. If you have an allergic reaction to wasp or bee stings then don’t attempt to take down the bee or wasp nest yourself. Instead call a professional. Get rid of bees and wasps in your home by contacting Magical Pest Control by phone at (905) 738-6676 or fill out our online contact form.

Magical Pest Control might not be able to cure a bee or wasp allergy, but we can safely remove bees and wasps, potentially preventing an allergic reaction from a bee or wasp sting.

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