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Can You Kill Bee and Wasp Nests With Water?

get rid of bee nests

Killing bees and wasps with water has long been purported as a home remedy for getting rid of bees and wasps. Many variations of this bee killing solution have been purported, including mixing water with soap, vinegar and cider, among other things. They are supposed to be safe and pesticide-free. But do any of them work?

Soap and water is the most effective of these options. Using a spray bottle filled with soapy water can prevent them from stinging you without swatting at them, though we do not recommend this as the best method. If at all possible, avoid areas where you know bees or wasps linger. This practice works only on one or two of the insects at a time and is really a method to get rid of bees and wasps when they are away from their nest.

Using water to kill an entire bee or wasp nest is not a good idea to get rid of bees. Though water will break down most paper and mud bee nests, turning your garden hose on an entire colony of bees or wasps is very dangerous. It will anger them more than it will hurt them. Bees and wasps are extremely protective of their nests. If they feel threatened they will not hesitate to defend themselves. A single bee nest can hold thousands of individuals. You definitely don’t want to risk upsetting them all at once. Let a trained wasp exterminator handle the problem.

Instead of putting yourself at risk of getting stung, call Magical Pest Control. We’re a Toronto pest control company with a dedicated division that specializes in wasp and bee control. Our professional technicians are trained bee and wasp exterminators and use methods that are effective and safe. Reach our Toronto pest control office at (905) 738-6676 or fill out our contact form. We’ll send out a bee or wasp exterminator to conduct a free consultation.

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