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Can you get rid of wasps with wasp traps or wasp deterrents?

wasp traps and wasp repellents

There is a huge market for wasp deterrents, wasp repellents and wasp traps, but do any of them work?

Yes and no. Wasp deterrents and wasp traps are designed to prevent wasps from stinging you. They are a temporary solution to keep wasps away from people and prevent wasp stings. They are not ideal for getting rid of wasps for good, however. If a wasp colony has developed their nest nearby, they will not pick up and leave due to the presence of wasp repellants or wasp traps.

Most wasp deterrents you will find at the corner store are designed to either repel or capture and eliminate stray wasps that wander away from their nest. For instance, wasp deterrent candles keep wandering insects away from a barbeque or outdoor gathering, because they dislike the smoke. Similarly, wasp traps will lure wasps, usually with sugary substances, and then trap them, rendering them harmless.

If you’re dealing with occasional wasp problems, that are limited to outdoor gatherings, or a wasp flying into your home once in a while, a wasp repellant may be exactly what you need to keep them under control.

However, if the problem is more persistent, you should consider calling a professional wasp or bee extermination company that specializes in getting rid of wasps. It’s likely you have a bee or wasp nest lingering nearby. More extreme methods will be necessary to eliminate the problem for good.

Magical Pest Control offers free bee or wasp consultations. If you’ve discovered a bee or wasp nest, or signs that there may be one nearby, we’ll dispatch our trained bee extermination team to get rid of wasps or bees on your property. Call us at (905) 738-6676 to schedule your appointment.

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