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Can You Exterminate Wasp Nests With Soapy Water?

exterminate wasp nest with soap

Soapy water is commonly cited as a natural wasp spray that you can create at home with a hose, a sprayer attachment, and a healthy amount of dish detergent. Does this method work if you’re spraying an entire wasp nest?

You might be surprised to find that there is some truth behind the madness. Hot soapy water can be used as a natural wasp spray. Soapy water will stop wasps in their tracks. However, be warned that attempting this method to exterminate wasps is dangerous, and should be undertaken at your own risk. While soapy water can stop wasps, it is challenging to soak an entire wasp nest and prevent any flyaway wasps from reaching you.

We don’t recommend you attempt this method if you’re unsure about what you’re doing, or the extent of the wasp problem you’re attempting to treat. For instance, spraying a concealed nest is not wise. We also don’t recommend trying this method anywhere where the water could leak into the foundation of your home.

If you do attempt to exterminate wasps on your own, always follow these tips:

  • Wear long sleeves and pants – cover as much skin as possible
  • Do not wear loose fitting clothing that insects can fly into
  • Wait until night, when wasps are least active to attempt your wasp extermination
  • Don’t get too close to the nest – most wasp species will aggressively protect their wasp nest, and they will sting
  • Be thorough. If you don’t kill all the wasps, the survivors won’t be happy

If you’d rather not tackle a dangerous wasp problem on your own, Magical Pest Control can help. Our bee and wasp extermination team has specialized tools and training to exterminate wasps or bees on your property safely and effectively.

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One thought on “Can You Exterminate Wasp Nests With Soapy Water?

  1. We have used the soapy water method for the last 3 years to kill red wasps around our house. We put Dawn dishsoap and water in our pump sprayer and it works great, haven’t been stung yet, thankfully. Our pest control man is the one who told us it would work

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