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Can Bees and Wasps Sting Through Clothing?


Bees and wasps sting through clothing, even heavy fabrics like denim and thick sweatshirts, if they’re pulled tight to your skin. If you’re wearing loose fitting clothing, bees, wasps and hornets may get trapped inside and sting you in their frantic attempts to escape.

So wearing a few layers of clothing will not necessarily protect you from getting and bee sting or a wasp sting. If you’re planning to do bee or wasp removal yourself, while wearing added layers is a step in the right direction and better than exposed skin, it’s not guaranteed to save you from being stung during the bee or wasp removal and treatment process.

The best, safest method of bee and wasp control is to call a bee and wasp removal expert who will have the proper tools and protective gear to safely do bee and wasp removal and prevent bee and wasp stings.

If you’ve been stung or are searching for a bee and wasp control company in Toronto, Magical Pest Control does free consultations before your bee or wasp removal. Call us at (905) 738-6676 or find us online to schedule a bee or wasp removal consultation.

4 thoughts on “Can Bees and Wasps Sting Through Clothing?

  1. I got stung on Monday 8/10/15 this week . Four red wasp sings on right ankle. Had a very bad reaction
    Made it to the dr office . He had to use epinephrine . . I’m 5 years old love the outdoors. Dr stated that .another 15 to 30 min could have took a turn for the worst. Now I feel like my hole life has changed.
    Now have to have .epe pin. At all times and I’m 30 to 40 min to the nearest hospital. Or my dr office ..
    I WOULD LIKE ANY ONES INPUT . ON WHAT CLOTHING TO WHERE. AND any other input that would be helpful. It it absolutely scares me to go outside. Thank you .

  2. I just got stung by a wasps right through my heavy jeans on my hip the sob. It hurts . The wasps always come after me what can I do?

  3. I was hired to cut a tree down that has wasp living in it if i wear layers of clothing will that help.. I was planning on doing it saturday when the temp drops to 40 will that slow them down. Any advise will help thank you.

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