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Bee Bombs Away! Do Bug Bombs For Bees and Wasps Work?

bee removal and wasp removal done right

Looking for that miracle remedy for your bee or wasp infestation? Need a one-shot wasp killer and guaranteed stress-free solution? Well, bug bombs aren’t it. Though they may sound ideal, bug bombs are not the right way to safely handle a bee or wasp nest.

Before going all in with a bug bomb for bees or a bug bomb for wasps, here are some helpful tips you can use to avoid making a mistake due to the numerous bee and wasp myths out there.

Why Bug Bombs for Wasps and Bees Don’t Work

Let’s start with the positives: bug bombs for bees are fast and easy to use. While they can be a useful resource for taking out a small number of bees in a confined space in your home, don’t count on these balls of poison to cure all your infestation pains.
The negative point of bug bombs for wasps and bees is that using them for mass extermination is almost impossible.

Here’s why: a bug bomb, also known as a fogger, is a device filled with aerosol poison. When this is launched in your home, insects will clear out like it’s the beepocalypse. However, just because they seem gone, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all dead.

Insects have survived on this planet for millions of years for the sole fact that they’re able to find and squeeze into holes and crevices incomprehensible to man. When getting rid of sizable bee infestation, you have to realize the incredible number of nooks and crannies in and about your home where bees and wasps can escape. And that’s in a confined space. When you take a bug bomb outdoors, your chances of total annihilation get even worse. A bug bomb for wasps or a bug bomb for bees is typically going to be used outdoors, as bees and wasps prefer to build nests in trees, eavestroughs, overhangs and other exterior spaces.

The problem you run into is that there can be thousands of bees in a hive. You’re not going to get them all. They’ll just fly away. So even if you do manage to take out the nest, it’s a temporary solution until the bees that flew away come back and rebuild. (And that’s not counting the danger you put yourself in by being near a hive full of angry insects whose home you just destroyed.)

Play it Smart. Use Wasp Killer With a Strategy.

Bees and wasps are resilient creatures. But so are you. Now you understand that a formidable bee removal job shouldn’t be limited to a simple bug bomb for bees. Likewise for a proper wasp killer. Bug bombs simply aren’t an effective tool to eliminate an entire bee or wasp population. There are much safer bee removal or wasp killers, including green alternatives that do the job better, without putting you at risk of getting stung.

Another thing to keep in mind is that bug bombs are highly flammable and can be dangerous if you are inexperienced. It is highly recommended that you inquire about how to get rid of bees and wasps with an experienced extermination team before trying to remove bees or wasps yourself. This is especially recommended when dealing with aggressive bee and wasp species.

If you need help with wasp or bee removal, contact Magical Pest Control’s bee, wasp and hornet removal division. You can reach us at (905) 738-6676. We offer free, same day consultations.

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