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Tips to Avoid Bee and Wasp Stings If You Spot a Nest in Your Yard or Home

The best way to avoid getting bee or wasp stings is to avoid their nests until they have been successfully dealt with by a trained bee and wasp exterminator.

The worst thing you can do is attempt to treat a nest yourself. Without the tools to kill wasps and proper protective gear, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to treat a wasp nest properly without being stung. Find a trained bee and wasp exterminator who will be able to assist you.

If you find yourself in a situation where bees and wasps are hovering nearby, here are some tips to avoid a painful wasp stings.

Don’t wear perfume. Bees and wasps are attracted to sweet scents and things that smell like flowers. Bees and wasps won’t seek you out solely to sting you. If you give them no reason to want to be near you, they won’t hover.

Don’t wear floral prints or bright colours. This may sound silly, but bees and wasps make mistakes, too. If you look like you’re wearing flowers, bees or wasps may accidentally mistake your clothing for the real thing. This is why beekeepers traditionally wear neutral white.

Be careful what you eat. Wasps are notorious for being attracted to sweet smelling things. As you’ve probably noticed during outdoor picnics and barbeques, sugary snacks and beverages, are common attractions for bees and wasps. Avoid eating these things if you suspect wasps or bees are nearby.

Rinse out recycling bins. This is closely related to the previous item. Recycling bins which house cans and bottles, and the remnants of the foods they contain, are often targeted by bees and wasps. Keeping your bins clean eliminates the draw of the sweet-smelling substances.

Don’t swat at wasps flying near you. Bees and wasps are rarely aggressive to humans. Bee and wasp stings tend to occur when the pests feel threatened. If you try to hit or kill wasps and bees, there is a chance they will feel threatened and attempt to sting you to defend themselves and their nest.

Don’t wear loose clothing. If you know there are bees and wasps in the area, you’re better off wearing more form-fitting fashions. Bees and wasps can easily get lost in loose clothing. If they feel trapped and can’t make a quick escape, they won’t hesitate to sting.

If you do get stung, don’t panic. While painful, bee and wasp stings are rarely severe enough to warrant medical attention, unless you have an allergy. Visit our guide to at-home wasp sting treatments.

To consult with an experienced bee and wasp exterminator and eliminate a nest near you, call Magical Pest Control for a free quote. We quickly neutralize and kill wasps so you can avoid the risk of wasp stings.

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