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Are There Killer Bee Species in Canada?

killer bee species in canada

You’ll probably be relieved to hear that there are no reports of killer bee species in Canada, and it’s unlikely they will ever come this far north, unless the climate changes drastically.

Africanized bees – which have become known as “killer bees” – are a bee species that is native to Africa. They’ve been given this name because of their aggressive nature. While a killer bee sting isn’t any more dangerous than an average bee sting, killer bees swarm and attack anything that approaches their nest very aggressively. Their aggressiveness and penchant to attack humans as a mass swarm can make them deadly. Their attack is so fast and large it can result in death. It’s the sheer number of bee stings that makes them fatal, not the potency of their venom.

Where Do Killer Bee Species Live?

Killer bees prefer warm climates and do not survive well in the cold. Though Africanized bees have been reported in North America, they have never been spotted in Canada. They are now common in a range of Southern U.S. states including Texas, Florida, Arkansas, Arizona, New Mexico and Southern California. They have not migrated further north due to the colder climate. They cannot survive the cold winters.

Do You Require Bee Extermination in Toronto?

Though you’re likely not dealing with a killer bee species in Canada, other bee and wasp species can still pose a threat to you and your family. If you’re worried about bee stings or the threat posed by a bee or wasp nest in or near your home, call Magical Pest Control. Our specialized bee extermination division has the expertise to eliminate bees and wasps safely. Reach us at (905) 738-6676 to discuss your bee or wasp problem and receive a free bee extermination consultation over the phone.

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