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Are Bees and Wasps Dangerous to My Pets?

pets and bees - pets and wasps stings

When you have a bee or wasp nest in your yard, should you be concerned about your pets? In a word, yes. Just like humans, if you pet gets stung multiple times, it can be dangerous and cause extreme discomfort and health issues. Dogs, can be especially sensitive to the venom in bee and wasp stings. It has even been known to cause kidney problems, a they process the toxins. The same is also true if they swallow any of the insects.

What should you do if your pet gets a bee or wasp sting

  • Assess the severity of the sting. If it seems to be causing your pet extreme discomfort – beyond the usual pain associated with a bee or wasp sting – consult a veterinarian.
  • Check for multiple stings. If your pet has several stings (any more than a 3 or so), consult a veterinary professional that can treat the stings appropriately. The more stings, the more severe the situation is.
  • Look for stings in their mouth or around their face. Most often pets get stung because they are curious about an insect and don’t understand the danger associated with chasing it. Stings on a sensitive area such as their nose, inside their mouth or around their throat can cause swelling that is dangerous. If you find a sting in any of these areas, it’s best to get it checked out.
  • If the sting appears on an area that is non-threatening (their body or limbs) you’re safe to leave it be, unless your pet seems to be in unusually severe pain.
  • To ease some of the pain in a bee or wasp sting, you can try some of the same home remedy methods that work on humans. A paste of baking soda and water is a good option for pets, as it’s not harmful if ingested. An icepack can also help reduce swelling.
  • Make sure to keep in eye on the situation. Just like with humans, pets can be allergic to bees and wasps. If the wasp sting site seems infected, seek out help from your veterinarian.

If you’re aware of a bee or wasp nest in your yard, it’s best to keep your pets away from the area until you can have the situation handled by a professional wasp exterminator trained to deal with bees and wasps safely.

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