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Are Aerosol Bug Bombs an Effective Method of Killing Wasp Nests?

You can buy a bug bomb at any hardware store in the province. But are they a good alternative to hiring a pest control service? Not so much.

First of all, aerosol bug bombs are intended for use in enclosed, indoor spaces.

An aerosol bug bomb utilizes an aerosol propellant to release a chemical pesticide into the air. When it comes to bees and wasps, many of the places you’ll find bee and wasp nests are outdoors, making use of aerosol bug bombs useless. The aerosol will dissipate, making the treatment pointless.

Secondly, aerosol bug bombs aimed at bee or wasp nests can irritate the colony, making them more prone to sting.

If the bug bomb is unable to kill the wasp nest, they won’t be happy with your invasion of their space. Irritated bees and wasps are defensive. They’ll be looking to protect their space with whatever means necessary. If you’ve already been stung, see our tips on treating a sting.

Thirdly, aerosol bug bombs pose multiple risks to your health and safety.

Bug bombs are essentially airborne poison. Every surface in your home is coated with the chemical pesticides released. It’s not so easy to wash away the residue from every nook and cranny. Worse than that, filling a room in your house with aerosol can pose a fire hazard, and has the potential to explode. Unless you’re absolutely certain what you’re doing, there are other far safer pest control options.

What other ways are there to kill wasp nests?

When it comes to killing bees and wasps nests, you should rely on the expertise of a pest control service. When disturbed, bees and wasps are aggressive. It’s not worth the risk of trying to treat them yourself.

If you’re having difficulty killing bees or wasps in your home or yard, call Magical Pest Control. We have years of experience killing bees and wasps and offer free consultations. Reach us at (905) 738-6676 or use our contact form.

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