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4 Questions to Ask Yourself When There are Bees and Wasps in Your Garden

It’s a perfect day. You’re enjoying yourself in the yard, humming a little tune while gardening. Then you realize that humming is turning into a chorus of bees and wasps around your head. Your dog snaps at one and your children run away afraid of being stung. Annoying? Yes. But if there are only a few, consider how bees and wasps assist you in the garden.

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Having bees and wasps in your garden: good or bad idea?

Having bees or wasps in your garden, is good, within reason! Wasps are predatory. This means they’ll eat other unwanted pests in your yard such as aphids that destroy your rosebuds and flies that drive you crazy. They also eat insects that destroy your vegetable crops.

According to National Geographic, wasps are so good at controlling pests that the agriculture industry now regularly uses them to protect crops. And if you like tree blooms followed by the fruit they bear, you can thank bees and wasps for being one of many pollinators.

However, they can also be dangerous. If you have small children or pets, who don’t know to stay away, they can pose a very real threat. In these cases, getting rid of wasps or bees is probably the right choice.

Can I tolerate bees and wasps?

Think twice about using wasp repellants. If you are not overwhelmed with a colony of bees and wasps, and can tolerate them, it may be best to leave them alone.

Can I get rid of wasps with a short-term solution, like a wasp repellent?

Sometimes you just can’t tolerate a lot of bees and wasps, like during a garden party. In this circumstance, a short-term solution, like a wasp repellent might suffice!

If you need a quick fix, one of the simplest ways to repel bees and wasps is to offer them something to eat or drink. Spill a little of your food and sweet beverage on a surface away from your table. Then watch the bees and wasps happily leave you alone and head for the other side of the yard. It’s not permanent, but you might prefer it to using wasp repellant around your guests during dinner. Bee and wasp lures or traps might work the same way if you’ve placed them in the right location.

These solutions won’t get rid of wasps permanently, but it will make it easier to avoid them in key situations. You’ll solve your immediate bee and wasp problem , though!

Does the number of bees and wasps override the benefits?

Many of us want to be natural gardeners, but sometimes our tolerance limit is met with too many bees and wasps in a high traffic or dangerous location. We love our flowers and trees too, but too many bees and wasps can be dangerous!

When you must find a way to repel bees in the yard, you need an effective method. Wasp removal can be tricky if there’s a huge or hidden nest. If you’re overwhelmed by bees and wasps or unable to find the nest, your best solution is to contact a professional pest control company.

Are you overwhelmed with too many wasps and bees? Don’t take on a dangerous situation yourself. If you need help with wasp removal, call the experts at Magical Pest Control at 905-738-6676 or send us a message to get a free consultation. We guarantee our extermination treatments up to six months.

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