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Do Wasps Serve a Purpose?

When you think ‘wasps’, you think about the menacing garden pests that do a wonderful job at making you feel uneasy. Their buzzing does little to help you feel comfortable, and once you hear it, it seems as though you can’t get rid of it. Not to mention their ferocious sting! Wasps build nests in backyards, and seem to always find time for cameo appearances as the unwanted guests at barbeques.

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Five Facts That Will Make You Hate Wasps and Hornets (Even More)

Some people – okay, the vast majority – hate wasps and hornets, and it’s all thanks to their reputation as reckless stingers. But there’s a lot more to the common yellow jacket, paper wasp, and bald faced hornet than their aggressive nature and piercing stingers – and by that we mean there’s so much more to hate.

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